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Double locus sequence typing

Please be advised this server is scheduled for retirement in March 2023, please contact us if you wish to continue using this functionality.

A sequence based typing scheme for epidemiological investigation of bacterial pathogens

Staphylococcus aureus
Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Last updated on 2023-01-24

Welcome to the Double Locus Sequence Typing (DLST) webpage!

DLST is a fast and simple sequence based method to type bacteria for epidemiological investigation. This method is based on the sequencing of c.a. 500bp of two highly variable loci.

DLST has been shown to offer a high resolution and it allows studying both local and international datasets .

For each locus, an arbitrary number is assigned to each allele and the combination of both alleles constitutes the DLST type.

The purpose of this DLST website is to synchronize the DLST alleles from various laboratories and geographical regions.

For comments, queries, or suggestions please contact the curator.